RBI Cuts Repo Rate By 0.25%, Home Loans May Become Cheaper The  Reserve  Bank  of  India  in  its  monetary  policy  review  on  Tuesday  cut  the  repo  rate  by  0.25  percent  to 6.25  percent  from  6.50  percent.  The  decision  to  slash  repo  rate  (the  rate  at  which  banks  borrow  from  the […]

Home  loans  are  set  to  get  cheaper  with  banks  start  implementing  the  new  lending  rate  structure  called  marginal  cost  based  lending  rate  (MCLR)  from  Friday. The  new  rate  setting  structure,  which  asks  banks  to price  loans  based  on  the  marginal  cost  of  deposits  rather  than average  cost,  comes  into  effect […]

Balance Transfer of Your Existing Home Loan To Another Bank The  balance  transfer  of  your  existing  home  loan  to  another  bank  or  refinancing  is  an  easy  option  through  which  most  of  the  people  avail  the  benefit  of  lower  interest  rates  prevalent  in  the  market. Most  of  the  Indian  banks  in […]

Published on: Feb 3, 2016 @ 04:22 State  Bank  Of  India  (SBI)  on Monday  launched  a  new  home  loan  scheme,   ‘FlexiPay  Home  Loan’.  With  new  home  loan  scheme,  SBI  offers  higher  loan  amount  and  up  to  five  years  of  interest  moratorium. Under  this  new  home  loan  scheme,  the  borrower  needs  to  […]

Published on: Sep 2, 2015 @ 09:38 HDFC Bank,  India’s  second-largest  private  lender  on  Monday  slashed  its   base  lending  rate, the  benchmark to  which  all  other  lending  rates  are  linked, by  a  hefty  35  basis points  from 9.70  per  cent  to  9.35  per  cent. While  Canara  Bank  cut  its  base  rate  by […]

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