Gurgaon  Property  Market  Is  A  Good  Destination  For  Home  Buyers Gurgaon  property  market  is  an  important  realty  market  of  the  country,  and  especially  in  the  NCR.  Investments  in  both  the  residential  and  commercial  property  of  Gurgaon  have  accrued  remarkable  returns. Office  space  absorption  in  Gurgaon  is  among  the  highest  in  […]

Published on: Mar 2, 2016 @ 10:05 The  Union  Budget  2016   introduced  many  measures  to  give  a  huge  push  to  the  staggering real  estate sector.  It  has  been  going  through  tough  times  for  the  last  few  years  and  the expectations  from  this budget of  the  NDA  government  were  very  high. Finance […]

Published on: Feb 27, 2016 @ 12:43 The  Real  Estate  Industry  has  many  hopes  and  expectations  from  the  Union  Budget 2016. Both  home buyers and  developers  are  hoping  that  this  budget  may  bring  in  cheer  for  them. They  hope  that  the  Finance  Minister  Arun  Jaitely  may  announce  some  measures  in  the […]

Published on: Jan 13, 2016 @ 11:08 It  seems  that  the  Indian real estate  market  is  fairly  well-positioned  for  the  year  2016. The  last  year  has  seen  a  lot  of  positive  developments   and  that  the  industry  has  high  hopes  from  the  year  2016.  With  the  changes  at  the  policy  level,  things  […]

The  year  2015  has  been  an  eventful  year  for  the  Real Estate  Sector  of  India.  A  long  awaited demand  of  the industry  was  met  by  the  Union  Cabinet  of  India,  which  cleared  the  Real  Estate  (Regulation  and Development)  Bill, 2015.  Besides,  the  RBI  had  reduced  its  repo  rates  ( a  […]

Big  Discounts  And  Offers  For  Buyers  In  The  Festive  Season The  festive  season  in  India  is  traditionally  considered  to  be  auspicious  for  wealth  creation  and  property  acquisition. It  commences  from  Navratri  followed  by  Diwali,  Xmas,  and  extends  up  to  the  New  Year. Sales usually  pick  up  during  the  festive  season […]

New Gurgaon: A Promising Real Estate Market Of NCR New Gurgaon: A  real  estate  market  is  emerging  as  a  promising  destination  for  buyers  and  investors  in  the  Delhi-NCR  property market. The  property  prices  in  Gurgaon  have  gone  up  very  high  and are  no longer  within the  reach  of  the common […]

Faridabad Real Estate Market:A Better Prospect The  largest  city  in  Haryana, Faridabad  is  a  pure  industrial  town, with  the  majority  of  employment opportunities  emerging  from  the  industrial  sector only. Faridabad  real  estate  market  possesses  a  strategic  and  good  geographical  location  due  to  its  proximity  to  all  the  major  cities  in […]