PM Modi Launches Three Missions: Housing For All,Smart Cities And AMRUT

Published on: Jun 27, 2015 @ 21:29

The  Prime  Minister,  Mr.  Narendra  Modi  launched  the  three  major  Missions  for  the development  of  urban India  including  Atal  Mission  for  Rejuvenation  and  Urban Transformation  (AMRUT),  Smart Cities  Mission, and Housing  for  All  (Urban)  at  Vigyan Bhavan  in  New  Delhi.

The  Prime  Minister  said  that  urbanization  should  be  seen  as  an  opportunity  and  urban  centers  should  be viewed  as  growth  engines. 500  cities  will  be  developed  under  AMRUT scheme, 100  Smart Cities  over  five years and  Housing  for  All  targets  construction  of  2 crore houses in urban  areas  by  the  year  2022. The central government  has  committed  itself to spend  about  Rs 4 lakh  crore  on  these  three  missions  over  the next  five  to six  years.

Mr.  Modi  said,  “For  the  first  time  in  India,  a  challenge  was  being  floated,  in  which  the people  and  the urban  leadership  would  contribute  in  the  formulation  of  development  visions of  the  cities.”  The  Prime Minister  said  that  the  competitive  mechanism  would  end  the  top-down  approach,  and  lead  to  people-centric urban  development.

Mr.  Modi  gave  a  simple  vision  of  a  Smart City,  as  one  which  was  a  step  or  two  ahead  of people’s aspirations. Besides,  technology,  transportation,  energy  efficiency,  walk-to-work, cycling  etc  also  play  key  role as  mentioned  by  the  Prime  Minister.

Smart Cities  Mission  aims  to  develop  100  smart  cities  across  the  country.  Those  cities which were  able  to competitively  meet  the  required  parameters  would  be  developed  as Smart Cities. The  objective  is  to  enable better  living  and  driving  economic  growth  for  the benefit of all sections  of  the  society. This  will  be implemented  through  redevelopment  of infrastructure in already  built  up  areas  and  adopting  e-governance and appropriate  smart solutions.

Under  Prime  Minister  Awas  Yojana,  it  is  proposed  to  build  2  crore  houses  for  urban  poor including Economically  Weaker  Sections  (EWS)  and  Lower  Income  Groups  (LIG)  in  urban areas  by  the  year  2022. He said  the  government  is  sensitive  to  consumer  protection,  and towards  ending  undue  harassment,  especially with  regard  to  housing,  one  Bill  towards  this end  has  already  been  introduced  in  Parliament.

The  Prime  Minister  said  there  should  be  collective  responsibility  for  better  quality  of  life for 40  per  cent  of India’s  population  that  either  lived  in  cities,  or  were  dependent  on  cities for their  livelihood. He  said  the aspirations  of  migrants  from  rural  areas,  and  slum  dwellers, have to  be  balanced  with  the  changing  global environment  and  further  said,  ensuring  a good life for  them  is  our  responsibility.

Under  AMRUT,  focus  will  be  on  providing  basic  infrastructure  like  providing  tap  water  and sewer connections  to  every  household,  solid  water  management,  provision  of  roads  and public transport.  The  Prime Minister  said  that  through  AMRUT,  the  aim  of  the  government is  to ensure  citizen  participation  and  give cities  themselves  the  chance  to  plan  their  future growth. 500  cities  with  a  population  of  above  one  lakh  each would  be  included  in  AMRUT.

The  launch  of  three  missions  heralding  a  new  era  in  urban  India  and  reflects  the  integrated approach  of  the government  to  urban  development  and  urban  transformation.


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