NRI’s  Home  Loans  Easily  Available  In  India Buying  a  property  in  their  native  country  India  is  one  of  the  greatest  dreams  for  most  of  the  non-resident  Indians, no  matter  which  part  of  the  world  they  live  in. Many  financial  institutions  of  India  provide  the  NRI’s  home  loans  to  make  that  […]

Published on: Jun 6, 2015 @ 18:29 The  Indian  property  market  has  always  grabs  the  attention  of  NRI  and  has  always  been a  lucrative   investment  option  for  them. NRI  investment  in  Indian  housing  sector  has  become  more  affordable  and extremely  lucrative  as  the  value  of  the  rupee  is  depreciating  against […]

Published on: Jun 1, 2015 @ 12:48 NRIs investment  in  the  Indian  housing  sector  have  been  gaining  momentum  over  the years with  prices   being  stable,  constant  rupee  depreciation  and  attractive  long  term returns. NRIs have  become  extremely important  for  the  Indian  housing  market  and  have always  contributed in  a  big […]

Branded Luxury Homes Appeal To The Lifestyle Of India’s Rich Home Buyers Branded  luxury  homes  are  a  new  trend  in  ultra-luxury  housing  segment  and  appeal  to  the  lifestyle  of  India’s  super-rich  and  adds  to  their  aspirational  value  of  the  buyers. The  concept  of  branded  luxury  homes  is  to  create  unique […]

Published on: May 20, 2015 @ 13:00 The  move  to  reduce  home  loan  rates  would  improve  housing  sales  across  the  country,  which  have  been suffering  from  general  slackness  in  recent  past.  The  move  to reduce  home  loan  rates  is  also  a  sigh  of  relief  for  the  housing  sector  as  well  as […]

Published on: May 20, 2015 @ 10:17 Affordable  homes  in  India  is  the  greatest  necessity  of  urban  life. Affordable  homes  means  provision  of  adequate  shelter  to  those  whose  needs  are  not  met  by  the  open  market. Affordable  homes  project  should  be  located  within  reasonable  distances  from  workplaces and should  be  connected […]

Published on: May 17, 2015 @ 13:33  For  the  first  time, after  a  gap  of  more  than  four  years, the  home  loan  rates  have  dropped  down  to  single digits. All  top  lending  banks  have  brought  down  their  home  loan  interest  rates  and  it  appears  to  have  settled  around  the  9.90  per […]

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