Branded Luxury Homes Appeal To The Lifestyle Of India’s Rich Home Buyers

Published on: May 26, 2015 @ 21:12

Branded  luxury  homes  are  a  new  trend  in  ultra  luxury  housing  segment  and  appeals  to the lifestyle  of India’s super  rich  and  adds  to  their  aspirational  value  of  the  buyers. The concept of  branded  luxury  homes is to create unique  and  provide  to  its  target  customers professionally  designed  interiors  and  exteriors, centralized  facilities management  and  other features  like  high  grade  surveillance  and  security.

Some  of  the  leading  Indian  developers  are  teaming  up  with  world  celebrity  designers  for the interiors  of their branded  luxury  homes  based  on  the  Disney  theme  to  Spanish-style  living and  interiors  designed  by them. The international  designers  and  major  brands  including Giorgio  Armani, Donald  Trump, John  Hitchcox, Phillippe Starck, Jade  Jagger  to  Steve  Leung are  tying  up  with  Indian  developers  for  residential  projects  of branded luxury  homes, as  rich Indians  are  looking  for  the  lifestyle  which  has  value-add  of  the  brand.

This  new  trend  of  branded  luxury  homes  is  getting  great  success  in  the  Indian  housing  market  and  the  demand  for  it  has  been  increasing  in  cities  like  Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore  and  Delhi – NCR.  The  price  of branded  luxury  homes in  India  starts  from  Rs  2 – 3  crore, and can  go  up  to  as  much  as  Rs 100  crore  or more than  that .

America’s  real  estate  player  Donald  Trump  announced  his  first  Indian  project  of  twin  towers in  Pune. The Trump  Towe, in  the  Worli  area  of  South  Mumbai  is  a   75  story  tower  of  luxury  branded  residential  project  of  Lodha  Group

John  Hitchcox, one  of  the  world’s  most  influential  property  developers  from  Britain, has  also decided  to invest in  India’s  housing  market  of  branded  luxury  homes. And  besides  his partnership  with  Indian  real estate players  such  as  Lodha   group  along  with  French  designer Phillippe  Starck, he  will  also  come  up  with   luxury residential  projects  in  Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore  and  Pune. Supertech,  a  north  India  based  developer, has  also  tied  up  with  their  firm  Yoo  Worldwide  for  interior  designing  of  two  of  its  luxury  residential  projects  in  Gurgaon.

Supertech  has  also  tied  up  with  Italian  fashion  brand  Armani  Group  for  interior  designing for  its  Noida project  and  the  US-based  Disney  Group  for  providing  Disney-theme  homes  in Greater  Noida. They  have  also launched  a  project  with  a  Roman-style  architecture  in  Noida.

Others  developers  like  Suntech  Realty, Brys, Ajnara, BPTP  and  Tata  Housing  are  also  tying up  with international  designers  or  brands. Some  Indian  fashion  designers  have  also  been capitalizing  on  the  trend, including  Gauri  Khan,  J  J  Walia,  Twinkle  Khanna  and  Sussaine Khan.

Rising  wealth  in  India  and  exposure  to  lifestyle  in  other  major  cities  abroad  and  higher margins  from  such branded  homes  residential  projects  are  among  the  factors  for  the  emergence  of  this  new  trend  in  Indian  housing  market.


Ajay Verma

Ajay Verma, founder and writer of TheHousingWorld, a real estate and mortgage news website. He has over fifteen years of rich experience in the above mentioned industries.

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