Big Discounts And Offers For Buyers In The Festive Season

Big Discounts And Offers For Buyers
Big  Discounts  And  Offers  For  Buyers  In  The  Festive  Season

The  festive  season  in  India  is  traditionally  considered  to  be  auspicious  for  wealth  creation  and  property  acquisition. It  commences  from  Navratri  followed  by  Diwali,  Xmas,  and  extends  up  to  the  New  Year. Sales usually  pick  up  during  the  festive  season  as  it  is  considered  as  an  auspicious  period  for  the  new  property purchase. Developers  remain  hopeful  about  the  increased  property  buying  activities  in  the  market  during  this  period  as  there  are  some  big  discounts  and  offers  for  buyers  under  various  schemes  to  lure  them. This  certainly  helps  in  the  upsurge  of  the  demand  of  residential  property  in  the  market.

Buyers  link  property  acquisition  process  with  auspicious  dates.  They  look  forward  to  investing  in  property during these  festivities  and  it  is  believed  that  25-30 percent  of  the  annual  sales  of  all  real  estate  transactions happen  during  this  festive  period.

Banks  and  other  financial  institutes  also, try  to  cash  in  on  the  festival  fervor  by  giving  loans  on  easy  terms. The  sentiment  in  the  market  has  become  more  positive  after  the  rate  cut  by Reserve  Bank  Of  India (RBI) and  other  lending  banks. For  example,  SBI,  ICICI Bank, HDFC  and  other  major  lending  banks  have   slashed their  home  loan  rates.  Festive  season  along  with  the  rate  cut  by  some  banks  have  brought  good  news  for both  home buyers  as  well  as  developers. All  this  can  lead  to  higher  sales,  usually  20-25 percent  more  than  the  rest  of  the  year,  during  the  season.

Developers  look  at  the  festive  season  as  an  opportunity  wherein  their  inventories  can  be  sold  in  large numbers. On  the  other  hand,  customers  see  it  as  an  opportunity  to  buy  their dream  homes  at  competitive rates  and  attractive  buying  schemes. Even  the  investors  are  driven  by  the  traditional  sentiments  and consider  it  as  an  ideal  opportunity  for  wealth creation.

According  to  the  property  experts, the  market  sentiments  are  positive  and  one  can  see  sales  take  an  upward growth  during  the  festive  period  across  all  major  Indian  cities  such  as  Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune  and  Delhi-NCR.

To  cash  in  on  the  festive  season,  developers  are  coming  up  with  attractive  schemes  and  offers  to  attract  a large  number  of  potential  buyers.  There  are  some   big  hoardings,  banners  and  also  full-page  colour advertisements  in  the  newspapers  to  attract  home  buyers. Various  other  platforms  such  as  the  Internet, mobile  marketing,  and  social  networks  are  being  used  to  attract  customers.

The  trend  of  offering  lucrative  schemes,  discounts  and  freebies  are  fast  catching  up  with most  of  the major  builders. There  are  various  payment  schemes  that  will  allow  you  to  buy  the  property  by  making only  part  payments.  Moreover,  special  price  and  other  discounts  are  being  offered  during  the  festive  period by  the  developers  to  attract  new  customers. Discounts up  to  15  per  cent  are  being  offered  to  the  customers depending  on  the  location. These  are  the  offers  that  one  should  consider  which  aims  at  reduction  in  base price  or  overall  cost  of  buying.

Developers  are  also  offering  many  freebies  such  as  household  goods,  electronic  items, free  Modular  Kitchen, Light  &  Fans,  Car  Parking,  Club  Membership, Registration  Charges  and free  Holiday  Trip  to  their  prospective customers. There  are  other  offers  like  a  free  car  with  every  booking  and  also  a  lucky  draw  to win automobiles. Gold  coins  are  also  being  offered by  some  developers.

Though  the  offers  may  be  tempting,  you  need  to  keep  your  eyes  open.  Make  the  calculations  of  all  the festive  offers  very  carefully  before  taking  the  final  purchase  decision. Moreover,  look  for  the  properties  that offer  a  great  location,  infrastructure,  social  amenities  and,  of  course,  big  discounts  during  the  festive season.

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Big  Discounts  And  Offers  For  Buyers  In  The  Festive  Season


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